Buy fresh produce directly from the farmer, or collect great experiences and activities at the farm.

Farmlike connects you to your local farmers selling fresh produce and goods, as well as unique Agri-Tourism experiences. Use the app, find your product or activity, and visit the local farmer for a great experience!

How it works

1. Download the app
1. Download the app
Behind every farmer there is a story to tell. We help you get connected again with the stories of the local farms. Download the app to find out more.
2. Get surprised
2. Get surprised
When the app is downloaded, you can see which farmers are living in your area or the area you wish to visit.
3. Select products and experiences
3. Select products and experiences
Select the product or activity in your area and reach out to the farmer for availability.
4. Pick up and enjoy!
4. Pick up and enjoy!
Pick up the product directly from the source and get inspired with Agri activities.

Our Goal 


As prices of food are increasing and farmers are receiving more pressure to become sustainable, we take away this obstacle and transform it into an opportunity to help farmers and communities and have fun meanwhile!

Being the go-to platform for local food, goods and agri-tourism, by re-imaging the relationship between the farmer and the community and create unique experiences.


Help farmers connect to the community, to boost the local economy, shorten the supply chain and introduce new revenue streams for the farmer like agri-tourism by giving a local stage with global reach and impact.

Who we are

We believe that we all have a social need to get together and make new relationships – Therefore, we created farmlike, to rethink the relationship with local producers in your area and discover all the great initiatives in your neighborhood.


Especially the little farmer has little resources to market their products, and get the recognition they deserve. Our platform gives visibility and increases their reach significantly, without unnecessary costs.

The cooperative or brand has the opportunity to create a unique customer journey via experiences, and to highlight the individual farmer behind the cooperative or brand.

The farmer

We want to create awareness for great initiatives and provide a platform for the regenerative, biological, vertical, or alternative protein farmer as well as basically any producer that is proud to tell the story of their lifestyle and hard work to the neighborhood.

The community

Although for any age, we believe that especially the young generation needs to know the story behind the farmer.

The tourist

For the curious tourist it is a way to discover their tourist destination and go off the tourist track and visit local farmers showing their magic.

Partner with us

We welcome any organization or company that supports our mission to work together with us.

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Download the app

The app is available for both iOS and Android.