Invest: for farmers, landowners or investors.

You own a piece of land and would like to monetize it through renting it out or investing in a sustainable cabin?

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Why us? We offer the Farmlike platform, and due to our large partnernetwork are able to source the best suitable and economical cabin for your wishes.

Extra revenue stream

We have a deep understanding of local laws and regulations.

How much time and financial investment is required for this endeavor?

For farmers, there’s no need for additional expenditure of either time or money. Farmlike operates on a self-sustaining model, extending to both guests and hosts via the Farmlike booking platform. From booking to departure, the entire process occurs seamlessly without the need for intermediary assistance. Guests are responsible for leaving their cabins in pristine condition upon departure.

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Question Answer

While management and cleaning services can be arranged by the landlord, they are not obligatory. Similarly, while landowners may opt to invest in cabin infrastructure, it remains entirely optional.

What is in it for you?


    • Cabin Rental Income: The farmer can generate revenue by renting out cabins located on their land to tourists or vacationers. This can be a significant source of income, especially if the location is attractive to visitors seeking a rural retreat or outdoor experience.


    • Market value: Attractive interest on your investment


    • Agricultural Products Sales: The farmer can sell agricultural products grown on their land, such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, or honey, as the guests will love your locally produced products!


    • Farm Experiences and Tours: Offering farm tours, workshops, or agricultural experiences can be a lucrative revenue stream. This could include activities such as pick-your-own fruit, guided tours of the farm, agricultural education workshops, or farm-to-table dining experiences.


    • Event Hosting: The farmer can generate income by renting out their land for events such as weddings, corporate retreats, or festivals. Providing a scenic and rustic venue for special occasions can attract event planners and individuals looking for unique and memorable settings.